About us 

Whether this is your first visit to us, or you have been coming for many years, we hope you will find us a welcoming, all-age, gentle, vibrant, teaching, prayerful and Christ-centered church. 

The reason our church exists is because of the historical man Jesus Christ. He showed his identity as the Son of God through his miracles and teaching. He was sent by his Father God on a rescue and restoration mission. 

Through his death and resurrection, he made the only way for us to be restored to the relationship with God for which we were made; he made the only way for us to be rescued from the hell we deserve to the heaven we don’t. God did this because he is just, loving and full of grace, and wants us to know him personally, for ever! 

All Saints is full of all sorts of people who have had their lives changed by Jesus. Our desire is to love and follow him and to encourage others to come to know him with us. We base all we believe and do on God’s Word – the Bible. 

Our church family rejoices in the life that Jesus has brought to us all; a life that we long to share with anyone who would like to accept our warm invitation to join us.