Welcome Newcomers

Worried about fitting in? Don’t be. At All Saints you’ll find a wide variety of people, of all ages and from different backgrounds. You certainly don’t have to be Christian to come along!

What should I wear?
There’s no dress code. Come in whatever you feel comfortable wearing.

What will happen? Do I need to bring anything?
As you arrive you’ll be welcomed and given everything you need for the service. There’ll be hymns and/or worship songs (except at our 8am Communion Service), prayers, Bible readings, and a talk. We always aim to start on time but don’t worry if you arrive late.

What about money?
You don’t need to bring any money with you. Our regular members contribute to church funds but visitors are our guests.

What happens after the service?
Refreshments are served after most of our services – and they’re free. You can slip off after the formal close of the service if you like, but many people choose to stay and chat.

What about children?

We welcome children to our services, particularly our Morning Worship at 10.45am when all ages are provided for, with a crèche and All SAints Kids (ASK) groups.

New to All Saints?
Whether you've just moved to the area, or have lived here all your life, we hope our website helps you to find out everything you want to know about All Saints Crowborough.

Where we worship: 

Buildings ancient and modern

The All Saints Church Centre opened its doors to the people of Crowborough on 12 March 2000: a £2.4 million building project which has transformed the 18th century church into a modern complex of worship area and larger and smaller rooms fit to proclaim the message of Christ in the 21st century. Together with the older Halls nearby on Chapel Green, All Saints provides a wide range of traditional and contemporary services so that members of the church family and their friends and visitors can come to worship God in a variety of ways.
You will find plenty of parking spaces in our two car parks.

How we worship:

Something for everyone

Sunday at All Saints begins at 8am with a quiet Holy Communion service without music and with a short sermon. Refreshments are served in Hope Cafe after this service on the second Sunday of the month.

At 9.15am we have a traditional Morning Service with hymns, organ and robed choir. Holy Communion is normally celebrated on the second Sunday of the month. Refreshments are served in Hope Cafe after this service.

At 10.45am Morning Worship attracts our largest congregation: people of all ages, including Junior Church groups (up to age 13) who join the adults for the first 10-15 minutes. Songs and hymns are led by the Music Group. Holy Communion is usually on the second Sunday of each month. A crèche is available during this service and refreshments are served afterwards.

At 4.00pm on the third Sunday of most months Evensong takes place in the Chapel with the choir and a short sermon. Afterwards, the congregation stay for tea and cakes in Hope Cafe.

At 6.30pm our Evening Service is a more contemporary gathering, with a wide range of age groups represented (including many who like to come twice on a Sunday). We love to hear God speak to us through the Bible, with relevant and thought-provoking talks, as well as ‘get-to-know-you' interviews with church members and opportunities to grill the speakers. Once a term we invite friends to come and tackle a 'Big Question’ with us. The service lasts an hour, but most people stick around to share fellowship over refreshments.

On the first Wednesday of most months Wednesday Worship is held in the Chapel at 2.30pm for those who would like familiar hymns, prayers and a talk. Tea and cake follow in Hope Cafe.

Why we worship:

What we believe

We believe that the heart of the Christian faith consists of the good news about Jesus Christ revealed in the Bible. Although all human beings have turned away from God and face his judgement, we can receive forgiveness, be brought back into relationship with God and enjoy the free gift of eternal life because of the sin-bearing death of the Lord Jesus Christ in our place upon the cross. Our greatest passion as a church is to reach out with this good news to the people of Crowborough and the world.

We are an evangelical church which believes that the Bible is the most exciting and powerful book in the world. We believe that the Bible is God's clear and reliable Word to us today; it is the supreme and final authority in all matters of faith and conduct. We believe that it is through the teaching of the Bible that the Holy Spirit brings men and women into relationship with God, grows them in faith and holiness, and equips them for service. The Bible therefore lies at the centre of our church life.

Although we welcome Christians from any denomination, as an Anglican church we are committed to the historic teaching of the Church of England, as summarised in the thirty-nine Articles of Religion.