Our longstanding partnership with St Bartholomäus Evangelical Lutheran Church, Pegnitz, in the Franken area of northern Bavaria, Germany, is a celebration of our Christian fellowship normally marked by regular biennial alternate visits to each other’s Christian community.

The link arose from the “Cobourg conferences”, meetings between the Dioceses of  Chichester and Bayreuth, held in memory of  Dietrich Bonhoeffer who shared with the then Bishop of Chichester a belief in the  unifying character of the Gospel.

Over the years, since its founding in 1986, when All Saints provided accommodation for the Pegnitz Church Choral Society after its concert in Chichester Cathedral, the churches have developed an increasing sense of joyous sharing of our faith as we come to know and appreciate our differing approach to worship and love of the Lord.

We see the following as particular benefits of our friendship:

  • the opportunity to understand and appreciate a different form of worship;
  • being able to partake of and be involved in Christian fellowship both at individual and family levels,
  • a growing awareness of the value of the historical ties between our dioceses of Bayreuth and Chichester;
  • a shared spiritual experience which enables us to understand that we all worship and love the same God;
  • learning more of each other’s cultures and values. 

In our experience, the warmth and generosity of our friends in Pegnitz have encouraged closer ties between our Churches.
If you would like to share our experiences by hosting or welcoming our visitors at one of the many events planned during the September 2021 Pegnitz visit to Crowborough, do please contact Cathy Allen on 01892 652081 ex.1004

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Here are some photographs of our time together over the years

Our Visit to Pegnitz in 2018


Joint Choirs Singing in an International Service, 2018


Rehearsing for The Messiah at Roland's Retirement


Pegnitz Brass Ensemble Playing at All Saints, 2016

IMG 8945

Joint Concert at All Saints, 2016

Concert with Pegnitz 2016

Rehearsing for Pegnitz Choir Concert at Chichester Cathedral, 2016

IMG 8972

Outside Chichester Cathedral after the Concert, 2016