For more than two centuries, Sir Henry Fermor CE Primary School has been committed to serving its community, working closely with All Saints Church. Since April 2016 the school has been a member of the Tenax Schools Trust which includes Bennett Memorial CE Secondary School in Tunbridge Wells, and a growing number of primary schools in Kent and East Sussex.

Despite many strengths, the school has had several changes in leadership in recent years. It was judged ‘Requires Improvement’ by Ofsted before becoming an academy. Drawing succour from the church, and our supportive parents, the team began the steady climb back to being a great school. One strong part of that journey was to reinvigorate our ethos and aspirations, hence our new motto – Inspire, Believe, Achieve. This means that we seek to inspire everyone, both children and adults, so that they want to achieve the highest of standards and know how to get there. We also believe that there are no ceilings on what our staff and children can become, as we are known and valued by a loving God. Lastly, we expect excellence from all. All should aim high, show love, care and respect so that we all flourish.

Each classroom has a small red bag which contains visual symbols of our values. The school also has a monthly value linked to its programme of worship, PSHE and RE teaching. These values are: Creativity, Love, Respect, Forgiveness, Perseverance, Sacrifice, Growth, Mindset, Humility & Pride, Interdependence & Independence, Fellowship and Faith.

We are delighted to say that we saw improvements in nearly all of our results last summer to mark the start of our improvement journey. As one parent said, “I am very proud of our school. I feel it is going from strength to strength.”

Richard Sutton-Smith, Headteacher  

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