Honest Questions (002)

Honest questions is a series of informal discussion evenings in which we explore some of life’s big questions.
Each evening will consist of 3 main parts. We will eat together (food provided) while discussing the topic around tables. We will listen to a talk together. Then there will be further opportunity for discussion around tables followed by a Q&A.
It is designed to be for anyone who is interested in truth and discussion, whether you're a sceptic or have some faith.
You're welcome to attend an evening as a one-off, but cumulatively over the weeks we examine the historical, emotional, logical and personal case for Jesus Christ as the source of meaning for our lives.

January 16th How do I live a life that matters?
January 23rd How do I live without worry?
January 30th Why are people so cruel to one another?
February 6th Who can I trust?”

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